Closing Down

It is with a heavy heart that I write this notice, however, we will be closing our business at Fargo Village from the end of September 2016.

The good news is we have increased our discount to 65% off on all items, we also have a selection of items reduced to 75% off, you will find these items on the back wall of the shop.

Jordan and I would like to thank all of our customers for their support over the past year!

Many thanks


Our Vinyl Shop on Discogs

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We have a philosophy at Beat that if we don’t stock an item or we have sold out, we will do our very best to find out where a customer can purchase it from.  We will point people in the direction of a local shop and search the internet to find online sites.  Many would consider this giving sales to our competitors we view it as good customer service.

In the same vein we have chosen to sell Vinyl Records on Discogs.  The tab on our website ‘Vinyl Shop’ will take you directly to our shop on Discogs.  From here you will be able to browse what we have for sale, many of the items on here will be hard to find releases and Limited Editions.  You can purchase from our shop on here and either pay through PayPal plus postage or pay and collect your item from our Shop in Fargo Village, Coventry.

What is good about Discogs is once you are on it you can search over 23 million items and thousands of sellers. For example, if you were looking at ‘The Maccabees – Colour It In (LP, Album, Ltd)’ in our shop, when you click on details there will be a link to ‘More Copies For Sale’ this will take you to a page with every copy of the release which is for sale on Discogs.  We believe this offers you our customer the widest choice from UK to International Sellers and is a good price comparison.

On our page we show shipping costs next to the item and a combined price will also be shown.  Our delivery is based on weight, so UK buyers can purchase more than one albums and the postage won’t go up, we will always offer the lowest postage.  When browsing there may be cheaper copies by other sellers, please check the postage and the condition of an item before purchasing.

Below is a description by Discogs of their Market Place: –

“Marketplace connects buyers and sellers across the globe. With more than 23 million items available and thousands of sellers, this is the premier spot from new releases too hard to find gems. Because the Marketplace is built on top of the accurate Discogs database, it is easy for sellers to list their inventory and buyers are able to specify the exact version they want.” (Discogs

If you are serious about getting good accurate descriptions on condition and want to stop bidding on Vinyl and CDs you may never ‘win’, forget eBay and head to Discogs.

Happy browsing, it will never compare to digging through physical vinyl, but it is a good way to search that record you thought you’d never find.

discogs vinyl record mark
Blighty Beat on Discogs – Click to Visit our Shop

Art Gallery Spring/Summer 2016

We really like the new Art Gallery Collection, all of us have our favourites and that’s why rather than write about each item we are just going to upload the whole collection and let you decide which are your favourites.

Before we do, sizes, unfortunately Art Gallery Knitwear only goes up to 2XL and the Shirts 3XL.

Spring & Summer Collection

I love this time of year, the mornings are lighter, the days are beginning to get  longer and there is a little bit of warmth in the sun. There is the sound of fledglings in the air, but even better there is the smell and sound of two-stroke engines – some of the four strokes are put away for the summer – as the older scooters are dusted off, polished and ridden with pride. The scooter runs are stacking up as more and more are planned, announced and attended. Here at Beat will also love it as we get to open the latest offerings for the Spring Summer Collections, this week new in are Brutus, Merc and Trojan.

Nevapress Navy Leg1
Brutus Nevapress Navy

Brutus are celebrating their 50th Birthday this year and have truly stuck to the original designs, with the reintroduction of ‘Nevapress’ the forerunner to ‘Stapress’ trousers. There are vintage colours and designs on ‘Trimfit’ shirts and Denim Jackets to follow. This collection is spot on and is going to have a lot of interest. In fact, one of our regular customers, Tony, who has almost all of the Brutus shirts, snapped up five of this collection before we could get it steamed and ready to go into the shop.  Find out more at

Merc Hayes Zipped Polo Off White
Merc Hayes Zipped Polo


Merc is the closest we get to mainstream high street, I know some people don’t like Merc due to its wider appeal, however I feel with this collection they may have redeemed themselves. As with Brutus, Merc have revisited their designs and cuts of the 60s, to finish these off they have introduced colours and patterns which make them stand out as statement pieces that capture British Subculture Scene.

Trojan Stitched Logo
Trojan Stitched Logo


Trojan Clothing is a combination of the best of Lambretta and Brutus with the outcome of producing their own brand of Mod, Skinhead and Casual wear. The Trojan designers were formerly involved with Lambretta Clothing and over the years the brands have worked hand-in-hand. However, they are now a Company in their own right and sell under the name ‘Ska and Soul Clothing’ and I feel this new name sums up their clothing very well.  We like the quality of Trojan Clothing and the little touches like use of the Trojan Head Logo, which is discreetly stitched in a colour coordinated cotton into clothing adds to the brand. Trojan is a quality brand at an affordable price.

Since opening in 2013 we have been careful to choose suppliers who have taken on board and stayed true to what Mods, Skinheads and you our customers have been asking for. Those suppliers whose aim is to cash in on the major high street audience by using Paisley and Mod Stripes on ‘Fashion Items’ we have dropped as we feel they don’t get the Scene and don’t deserve to take space in Beat.

We also have the Spring Summer ranges of Gabicci, Relco and Warrior clothing.  Art Gallery Knitwear and Shirts will be available mid to end of April.

Please download our App for updates and offers.


Blighty Beat App

We have been busy over the past few months with our massive sale, with 50% off all our clothing and the remainder of our Merc Clothing being further reduced to 75% off retail prices.  Fargo Village held its first Vintage Fair, which took place at the weekend.  We had a stall selling off all of our vintage clothing that we have acquired over the years, initially we had planned to sell in the shop but alas we ran of room as our Brands of clothing grew and we ventured into selling footwear too.

For those of you who are looking for a bargain we still have a good selection of Merc T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Jumpers and other tops, all still at 75% off.  This needs to go to make room for our Spring/Summer Collections which are arriving thick and fast.

In addition to all the usual chaos you would expect from a busy shop, we have also been working in the background on ways to communicate with you, to get offers and new product information out as it arrives.  For those of you who follow us on Facebook, Twitter or on our website, we have now developed an App.  This will put all our information in one place and enable us to offer the best deals to you our customer.

We are planning on adding new features to the App like ‘click and collect’ and eventually a full on-line shop.  But for now we have features such as coupons and we think best of all a scratch card.  This is fun to do, but best of all it gives you 50% chance of winning a discount on your purchase or if you choose a later purchase.

You can download our App by scanning the QR Code or clicking on the banner below, alternatively visit the Apple Store or Google Play and search for Blighty Beat.

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Fire and Skill

The Jam - Fire and Skill
The Jam – Fire And Skill: The Jam Live

Sometimes when you are browsing for new stock and interesting pieces for customers you find something which you should know about and already have in your collection. Today has been one of those days, The Jam who I first seen back in 1978 at Coventry Theatre, who I have seen live at least 7 times since and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen Paul Weller or other variations of ‘The Jam’.  I think it would be fair to say, I like The Jam and I like their live gigs.  I think it would also be fair to say that I have most of their releases on Vinyl and other bits of memorabilia.

However, I don’t have this in my collection ‘The Jam – Fire And Skill: The Jam Live’  I can only assume the reason this isn’t in my collection is because of my love for vinyl has meant I bypassed CDs and only really use two formats the other being MP3.  But I think it is time to purchase this Box Set, dust off my CD Player, turn up the amp and blast out these tracks as they are meant to be heard – Loud and even Louder.

Record Label Description

Named after the legend painted on Paul Weller’s amp, Fire And Skill is a superb six disc boxed set – featuring six previously unreleased concerts, one from each year of The Jam’s major- label career. Packaged in mini, lift-off lid box this set includes a separate hard-back book and individual gatefold wallets for the discs, as well as new essay, period photos and rare memorabilia. All audio has been remastered at Abbey Road.

Track Listings


Winter Sun

Red, White & Blue's

A bit of winter sun has brought out Paula’s artistic side.  I really like the Male and Female mannequins with their matching colour coordinated Red, White and Blues.  Lady is wearing Relco Blue Tonic Skirt with Relco White Short Sleeved Button Down Shirt finished off with a Red Pocket Square.  While the Man is wearing a Warrior Paisley Lined Harrington with a Merc Target T-Shirt.






Winter Sun

Paula has even caught the sun the second picture.  The nearest mannequin is wearing a Warrior Crombie with pocket square and a Brutus Brick Coloured Trimfit Shirt. The second has Warrior Blue Sta Press Trousers and an Art Gallery Off-White Knitted Matt Long Sleeve Polo which are lovely quality made of 100% Soft Merino Wool.

Sale on until end of February 2016

Blighty Beat is making space for New Stock, we have lots of Limited Edition Art Gallery Knitwear, Brutus DM (Dr Martin) Trimfit and lots of other stock which we want to clear by end of February.   Due to the limited production of these clothing ranges, they are collectible and in many areas in the country almost impossible to get hold of.  Unfortunately, we aren’t able to sell these on-line as yet.


Sale Running Until 29th February at Blighty Beat - Fargo Village!
Sale Running Until 29th February at Blighty Beat – Fargo Village!

Come and see us at Fargo Village, Coventry, CV1 5ED to get a bargain.