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I love this time of year, the mornings are lighter, the days are beginning to get  longer and there is a little bit of warmth in the sun. There is the sound of fledglings in the air, but even better there is the smell and sound of two-stroke engines – some of the four strokes are put away for the summer – as the older scooters are dusted off, polished and ridden with pride. The scooter runs are stacking up as more and more are planned, announced and attended. Here at Beat will also love it as we get to open the latest offerings for the Spring Summer Collections, this week new in are Brutus, Merc and Trojan.

Nevapress Navy Leg1
Brutus Nevapress Navy

Brutus are celebrating their 50th Birthday this year and have truly stuck to the original designs, with the reintroduction of ‘Nevapress’ the forerunner to ‘Stapress’ trousers. There are vintage colours and designs on ‘Trimfit’ shirts and Denim Jackets to follow. This collection is spot on and is going to have a lot of interest. In fact, one of our regular customers, Tony, who has almost all of the Brutus shirts, snapped up five of this collection before we could get it steamed and ready to go into the shop.  Find out more at https://brutus.com/

Merc Hayes Zipped Polo Off White
Merc Hayes Zipped Polo


Merc is the closest we get to mainstream high street, I know some people don’t like Merc due to its wider appeal, however I feel with this collection they may have redeemed themselves. As with Brutus, Merc have revisited their designs and cuts of the 60s, to finish these off they have introduced colours and patterns which make them stand out as statement pieces that capture British Subculture Scene.

Trojan Stitched Logo
Trojan Stitched Logo


Trojan Clothing is a combination of the best of Lambretta and Brutus with the outcome of producing their own brand of Mod, Skinhead and Casual wear. The Trojan designers were formerly involved with Lambretta Clothing and over the years the brands have worked hand-in-hand. However, they are now a Company in their own right and sell under the name ‘Ska and Soul Clothing’ and I feel this new name sums up their clothing very well.  We like the quality of Trojan Clothing and the little touches like use of the Trojan Head Logo, which is discreetly stitched in a colour coordinated cotton into clothing adds to the brand. Trojan is a quality brand at an affordable price.

Since opening in 2013 we have been careful to choose suppliers who have taken on board and stayed true to what Mods, Skinheads and you our customers have been asking for. Those suppliers whose aim is to cash in on the major high street audience by using Paisley and Mod Stripes on ‘Fashion Items’ we have dropped as we feel they don’t get the Scene and don’t deserve to take space in Beat.

We also have the Spring Summer ranges of Gabicci, Relco and Warrior clothing.  Art Gallery Knitwear and Shirts will be available mid to end of April.

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